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Shattering Silence

Rebellion was only the end of their stories...

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The 13th day of the harvest moon 377th year of the fifth age, a day that will never be forgotten. It was the day of what historians now call the Shattering. The day we Ardorith stepped boldly from the shadows and called out in a single shattered voice that we’d suffer slavery no longer. “ temass prith setera ” No one remembers who it was who first shouted those words or what their boldness cost them but it would one day become our battle cry.
The Ken-Shoul, our masters though even before the Shattering we did not call them that, had pushed us too far too hard and too often. We had lived with the threat of death and pain too long for it to cause us pause anymore. We were nearly broken but desperate enough for one final stand. It would be many hard weeks of fighting and many of us fell but when the dust cleared we stood a free people.
But my young friend, that was many many years ago and few live now who remember the horror of the days before the Shattering. Even I, who was barely old enough to lift a sword to aid the fight at the time am running out of years.
See this? This is something more valuable then you can imagine. It’s a compilation of the diaries and journals of the leaders of our rebellion in the years before the Shattering. This is of their lives… the things that made ordinary people, children teens and adults, trapped in a nightmare able to find there courage raise their eyes and stare the Ken-shell in the eyes and shout to the world loud enough to shatter the silence we suffered in. Loud enough to raise our people with a single cry that would ring across the lands. “ temass prith setera ” Freedom or death.
---Malina Winthred age 76 on the 65th anaversary of The Shattering

In the year 377 the Kan-Shoul would push there unwilling warriors to far and a group would rise up and lead the Shattering that would bring freedom to the Ardorith.
But for now it's only the year 374 and three long years will pass before the rebellion. This is not the story of the Shattering but the years that came before and the events that drew together a group of Ardorith, the events that sparked their dreams of rebellion and the hopes, risks, friendships, and losses that would fan them into the flame of revolt.

Any information you might need (and proably more than you'll want) can be found on the posts in this comunity.