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The Bards Rest Tavern {OOC Board}

Posted by themoonchildsai on 2010.09.13 at 17:47
This world/story is a continuing process. One I hope I'll have a bit of help with. If you have ideas or things you want made clearer or want to tell me I'm doing a good job Moding and make me feel good post here! (wow... that was one long sentence)

ALSO! a few things. We won't actually get started til we have at least a few members to kick around but once we get going (please please *crosses fingers that we can actually get going*) a few positions will open to the general public so heres a few ideas to kick around.

1. Along with our lead characters there's very likely there's going to be a wide cast of minor characters (come on theirs close to a thousand people living in the Ardorith dorms. The characters are going to run into other people) and their will also be a number of Ken-Shoul continually being thorns in the sides of our heroes. I encourage you to write villains but also remind you not everyone of the Ken-Shoul is a mustache twisting black hat wearing comic book super villain psycho. Not all of them are cruel cause they like it (though i'm not saying one or two of those folk won't be making apearances) just be creative. You can also consider the possibility of a *nice* Ken-Shoul, our heroes will probably nee a break before long.
2. Fallowing the last train of thought once we get a few members if someone wants to actually be a Ken-Shoul then by all means, it'd be nice to have some diversity.
3. Once I get the list of rules for the Ardorith up and running you might notice they change a lot. I'm gonna try to do a bit of simulation on how the rules can change from day to day. I won't necessarily play god (or even a Ken-Shoul) but I will from time to time post a plot point that a specific character(s) or all of you will have to partake in (or at least give a reason why you didn’t).
4. Like I've said before I'm only human so anyone who feels up to the challenge of afore mentioned attempts feel free to offer your help.
6. I swear I'll shut up after this. If you've got plot ideas or whatnot comment here.
7. Oops i lied. As you might have noticed there’s a little bit of language play. Since most of the characters have been here for years they all speak the same language but if anyone wants to play around with the Alinian language by all means, go ahead.

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