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Detention Center {Rules For Ardoriths and a breakdown of the social hierarchy)

Posted by themoonchildsai on 2007.01.28 at 01:43

Council members and master/mistress of ( x ):The top dogs. These people are the whipped cream on the upper crust. They control the doings and affairs of the Serathian Order. These people are Kan-Shul but have more power than the other Kan-Shul and often are the source of their Kan-Shul relatives power.
Kan-Shul: The upper crust of the Serathian Order made up of high-ranking officials and family. In command of the goings and commings of Headquarters. If a Kan-Shul said jump and Ardorith in the vasinity better ask how high or there WILL be hell to pay.
General Recruits: The normal run of the mill soldiers running through the ranks after joining the Order voluntarily as adults. Generally working in squads of ten. Five squads form a unit and four units form a regiment. Trained heavily in combat with a lesser emphasis on magic.
Ardorith: Orphans and the children of beggars or criminals Ardorith are a motley underfed disorganized but incredibly well trained group. Bound to work for the Order of Serath until their thirties or longer and trained under harsh contitions the Ardorith are battle ready warriors that make up the backbone of the Serathian Order. Ardorith generally work alone or in small groups since during times of peace. During times of war the small units will be formed into loosely orginized regiments that's strength lies in the deadly skill of each individual.
Poor living conditions, starvation rations, unchecked mistreatment from their superiors, and little value placed on there lives by those in charge cause Ardorith mortality rates are very high both in and out of battle. Although in the past fear of the consequences for objecting has kept malcontent to a wispered mumbling continuely growing ristrictions, increasingly harsh penalties for increasingly smaller infractions on the rules and intrusions on the few right Adorithians hold most sacred has been causeing more resentment in recent years.
The Serving Staff: Not technically part of the Order but worth mentioning. The Serathian Order employs a horde of people to clean, keep organization, cook, care for the grounds or do odd jobs.

1. As an Ardorith you are the scum of the earth. Get used to that fact quickly and life will be uch easier.
2. Do as told without question or comment.
3. Treat your betters with respect but do not necasarily expect it returned.
4. Train hard, be prompt and remain out of the way.
6. Wear darker colored clothing suitable for hard training. Do not expose yourself undecently. Do not wear flashy jewelry (not that you can aford it.)
7. Wear the identification medalion at all times for your own safety. As this is conected to you directly upon your introduction into our Order acidental distruction of this medalion may prove fatal for you. These medallions are to help us keep track of you should you go missing or should somthing unfotunate happen. (If I didn't know better I'd say that was a threat.)
8. Idelness during the work periods is a grave offense.
9. Be within the walls of the Ardorith compound by the first curfew bell (8:30 pm). Be within your own building by the second (9:00 pm) and do not leave until after morning meditation the fallowing day. Being outside after cerfew is a punishable offense.
10. Theft, fighting (outside of the sparing and battle feilds), and sabotouge will not be tolorated.
11. Do not draw a weapon near a Ken-Shoul save in defense of one or in sparing areas.
12. Those who chose to defy these rules shall be delt with swiftly. Punishments vary depending upon the severity of the offense. Extra hours of training or short periods of confinment in the dentention center may be given for lesser infractions. Beatings, confiment without food for greater ones. Death is a last resort but not out of the question.

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