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Ardorith Compound {The Plot and Info about the Ardorith}

Posted by themoonchildsai on 2010.09.13 at 21:59

For generations the children of the slums of the cities of the Alin and humans have been sent to the Order of Serath to make a use of their lives by dedicating them to a life of battle to protect the very people who left them in poverty. For generations a brutal system of rules, regulations, and harsh punishments have kept the Ardorith, children of battle, submissive to the Ken-Shul who run the Serathian Headquarters. Order is kept with a heavy hand.
For many years it was a weak oppression. Free food and shelter in the Ardorith compound that few but the Ardorith entered. Training was hard but useful. A cause gave some reason while the meager pay was enough to keep many who had never had coins in there pockets before they became Ardorith. With each passing year the walls closed in a little more and by the year 337 rebellion would shake the land and Shatter the silence that was the only thing to mark the slow coming deaths of hundreds.
The Shattering the historians would name it, after the clan of Ardorith that first raised there voices in the famous battle cry "Temass prith setera".
However this rp is and at the same time isn't about the Shattering. It is about the Lixre, the shattered. It is about the clan that would one day begin the revolt in the years before they rose. It's not only about the resistance before the revolt but the struggles, friendships and families formed, loss pain and how they overcame it. It's in short about the people behind the names in a dusty Alinian history book and how the sparks of rebellion would come together to be fanned into the flames of open revolt.

We'll start as soon as we have a few characters. The story begins with the formation of the Lixre clan shortly after a recent war ends and Amaya (my charecter) picks up the dying end of a clan devastated by the war. (I'll note here when I say "clan" I should probably say Ardoriths living in the same room in the Ardorith compound. These groups are referred to as clans since they're often the closet things to family most Ardoriths have). The Ardorith population significantly decimated many are returning home to find things very different. With new clans forming and old was breaking apart time are defiantly changing for the Ardorith.
Rebellion is three years away (even if our characters don't quite know that yet) but in an Order swiftly changing for the worst how long can anyone survive?

1. The Ardorith Compound is a high walled enclosure with a gaurded gate. It has four, four storied barracks, a mess hall, a small chapel, a small med ward, a bath house, and a parade grounds in the center.
2. In the center of the parade grounds theres a small platform where declarations are anounced and examples are made.
3. Ardorith live in (mostly unrelated) family like units called clans. These groups share the same rooms in the barraks. Clans vary in size (4-10 shareing a single large room or more people shareing several rooms. Ardorith depend on their clans in times of need and to keep their spirits up.
4. A basic room contains 6-10 cots, a table, a few chairs, shelves, chests at the foot of each cot, two small barred an shuttered windows, and a wide hearthed fireplace.
6. Ardorith are paid very meager wages. Most Ardorith learn how to steal to survive. In the Ardorith dorms theres almost an entire economy based on stolen goods (mostly food, medicines, and herbs) as well as services (such as healing, and repairs). The currecnys excepted are money and "favors". "Favors" is simply the understanding that in return for X somday I will recive somthing of equal value when I ask.
7. All Ardorith are given a medallion when they enter the Order. The Medallion is infused with the persons magic. Through a complex series of spells it's added to a large network of similar workings. Should there come a time when it's deemed necassary those in charge of this must only cast a single spell and all those who it's focused on meddallions will shatter triggering a spell that will kill the medallions owner.
8. Most look upon the Ardorith with a messure of mistrust. It's not a secret that many were once criminals or have taken to stealing to survive.
9. Most Ardorith know how to pick locks or pockets and other basic... less than honest skill.

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