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Main Hall {Rules of General Reality, and rping in general.}

Posted by themoonchildsai on 2010.09.13 at 20:19

1. rules of normal reality apply with the exceptions of the following exeptions and exeptions I may allow for the sake of intresting plot at a later date.
2. There is magic based mostly around the elements {which in this world includes dark and light as well as the old earth wind fire and air}. Most of the Ardorith master either one or two oposites (eg. Fire and water). It's rare to master more than two (though most have the basics of all down since you study all before going into a more detailed study). Magic is a helpful tool but not the tool of gods. NOT THE TOOL OF GODS!!. It is used in battle and in some regular life but it is not the answer to all lifes problems. Ardorith's don't often know more than they need to fight with.
3. There are a few variations on casting spells. Use your imagination but keep it close to reality.
4. Rule number five does not exist.
6. Magic in most cases is the manipulation of energies including your own. It takes disipline metaly and energy physically. What I'm saying is you can't throw fire at fifty thousand goblins, you'd die before you'd knocked off a hundred, unless magic is your focus then maybe you'd be able to blast 101.
7. Though both human and Alin can be part of the Order of Serath Alinian is generally the spoken language. By the time most Ardorith are in their late teens (wich our charecters will be that age or older for the most part) they can normally fluently speak both languages as well as parts of others due to the clash of cultures in the Ardorith dorms. So just for the sake of clarification your speaking Alinian unless you have reason not to.
8. Healing spells (there is magical healing) normally require the recipent to be concious and they rarely work when used on yourself. (this is mostly to prevent abuse of the ability)
9. I'm going to say this only once. You cannot be part demon/vampire/warewolf/zombie/evilcreampuff. If you try to be one I will smite you.

1. Original charecters only please.
2. Be creative but be reasonable. There is magic, the charecters are expected to be able to fight, the charecters are going to have reason why they're Ardorith but abandoning reality alltogether is NOT acceptable. If I have a problem with your charecter I'll try to work with you if your pleasent.
3. Mpreg is not allowed. Veiw above reality reark. Pregnancy is allowed though keep in mind the situation your charecters are in and the consequences of their actions. You also have to go through the enitre thing. No short cuts. Magic does not give you the ability to cut corners with procreating.
4. Your charecter has to have an LJ and needs to actually use it to make posts.
6. Be mature.
7. Please check for updates on the community board so you can add new members onto your friends list and AIM/msn buddylist.
8. Although there's no Mpreg, slash IS allowed. Both slash and het are welcome here.
9. NO HARRASSMENT WILL BE TOLERATED. Period. End of sentence. No questions. No conditions. NONE. If you harrass somone you'll be scolded put in the corner for time out and quite possibly banned from the community. I don't like scolding people so kindly LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE!!!
10. Do NOT bring OOC into IC or vice versa.
11. To prove that you've read the rules, under "do you understand that you can be rejected" put "Fall into silence"
12. You MUST update once every ten days or you get the boot. The only exception is if you request a hiatus, but don't go asking every time you need to update.
13. Before applying, MUST have a first entry. I need to judge your writing. Do not add or interact with anyone IC until you have been accepted or you will be rejected. By the by, ignore rule number 10. Put "Break the silence" insted and feel good about yourself that you were such careful readers.
14. Please read the info I've posted. It took time to type up and I wasn't doing it for my own health. I'm trying to leave as much open for imagination as possible but this is fantasy which means if I don't lay down some basic locations and facts elfs and vampires will pop out of the woodwork.
15. Also I will be posting general rules of reality (basically ground laws regaurding magic and the races) as well as a basic list of rules for the Ardorith. If you have any comments or ideas please feel free to make them known to me. I however keep the right to *not* listen to your idea if I see good reason. As soon as I get around to it I'll get a idea's and questions post up.
16. I might update these rules as need requires so check back from time to time (though if I do i'll proably make an announcment)
17. Putting a disclaimer into your info page would be nice.
18. Not really a rule but simply a request. I'm human, dislxic and only partially sane most days, this translates into I'm not perfect. I do edit these things but I miss stuff from time to time. Please don't hurt me.

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